Boomin Belts FAQs

What’s a Bumpin Belt?

It’s the coolest speaker you have ever seen in your entire life! It’s a Bluetooth belt buckle speaker! It has a magnetic backing that easily and securely connects to your Bumpin Belt buckle and you can stick it to any metal surface or the belt clip accessory.

It’s rechargeable with over a 6hr battery life. It’s lightweight and water resistant. It has an interchangeable buckle faceplate so you can have a stylish regular belt when you are done listening to your tunes. Lastly, it sounds amazing for such a small design!

How long does it take to charge?

It takes 2hrs to fully charge the battery.

What is the range for the speaker?

The speaker uses current Bluetooth technology and has a range of 33yards when walking away from the source (phone) and a range of 100yards with speaker to source line of site.

Will this product make me more fun to be around?

All of our studies and scientific measurements indicate YES!

How to maximize the sound of the speaker?

For an Iphone - Ensure your "Reduce Loud Sounds" setting is turned off as this will reduce the max volume of the speaker. To turn off this setting: Open Settings->Sounds & Haptics->Headphone Safety and turn off the "Reduce Loud Sounds" option.

For an Android device -

1. Disable Absolute Volume for Bluetooth Devices

If you're having trouble hearing audio clearly on your Android device, check whether the Absolute Volume option is turned off in the Developer options menu.

Absolute Volume links the volume levels between your Bluetooth devices and your phone. It's a useful feature in many cases, but some Bluetooth devices don't support it. It may cause the sound to be too loud, or just not allow you
to control it properly. If you're hearing distortion and noise, it's better to simply turn this setting off. Here's how to do this:

On your device, navigate to Settings > About phone or Settings > About phone > Software information.

Tap Build Number seven times to enable the Developer Options menu.

In Developer options, scroll down and turn on the slider for Disable absolute volume.

2. Adjust the Equalizer Settings Equalizer settings are used to adjust the sound levels of different
frequency ranges to achieve tonal balance and match your desired sound quality. Not all Android phones have a built-in equalizer; Samsung phones are among the
ones that do. You can use it to boost or reduce certain frequencies to increase the clarity of your device's audio output.

For instance, if you're playing music in a noisy environment, you'll want
to boost mid-range frequencies. Here's how to adjust these settings:

On your device, go to Settings > Sound & vibration > Sound quality and effects > Equalizer.

Choose a preset from the list of available options (such as Rock, Pop, Jazz, or other).

Adjust its volume using the slider until you find a comfortable level.

When you have finished making changes, navigate back to the main menu. You can also toggle on the slider button for Dolby Atmos for enhanced sound effects and choose among available options.

3.Use Google's Sound Amplifier App The Sound Amplifier app is an
accessibility app from Google that is designed to work in conjunction with your device's existing audio output settings to improve the sound quality. It enhances and filters the volume and frequencies of audio files, and is especially beneficial for individuals who may experience hearing difficulties.

To get started, you'll need to select the type of audio you want to adjust, such as that from your phone's mic or from media files. Make sure your wired or wireless headphones are connected, then turn on the sliders for Noise Reduction and Boost Adjust the sliders to boost higher or lower frequencies or quiet sounds.

The app allows you to enjoy your music or videos—or phone
conversations—with greater clarity and better acoustics. This can help improve listening comprehension in situations where there is background noise or other
distractions around you, like on a crowded bus ride or at work during a meeting.