Effective Date: 01/28/2023


Thank you for choosing our Boomin Belt product. We are committed to providing high-

quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. This warranty policy outlines the

terms and conditions under which our belts are covered by warranty.


1. Warranty Coverage: 1.1. Our belts are covered by a 1 year warranty from the

date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. 1.2. This

warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.


2. Warranty Claims: 2.1. To initiate a warranty claim, the purchaser must contact our

customer support team within the warranty period and provide proof of purchase,

such as an order number or receipt. 2.2. The purchaser may be required to

return the defective belt to us for inspection, unless otherwise specified by our

customer support team.


3. Warranty Exclusions: 3.1. This warranty does not cover damages resulting from:

a. Normal wear and tear. b. Improper use, misuse, or neglect of the belt. c.

Accidental damage, such as cuts, burns, or stains. d. Unauthorized repairs or

modifications. e. Failure to follow care and maintenance instructions provided

with the product.


4. Warranty Remedies: 4.1. If a valid warranty claim is determined, we will, at our

discretion, repair or replace the defective belt with an equivalent product. 4.2. In

cases where an exact replacement is not available, we reserve the right to

substitute the belt with a comparable product of equal or greater value. 4.3. The

cost of shipping the defective belt and receiving the replacement product, if

applicable, may be the responsibility of the purchaser.


5. Limitation of Liability: 5.1. Our liability under this warranty is limited solely to the

repair or replacement of the defective belt as described in Section 4. 5.2. We

shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising

from the use or inability to use the belt, even if we have been advised of the

possibility of such damages.


6. Governing Law: 6.1. This warranty policy shall be governed by and construed in

accordance with the laws of Florida. 6.2. Any disputes arising out of or in

connection with this warranty policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction

of the courts of Florida.


Please retain your proof of purchase and refer to this warranty policy for any potential

claims. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our customer

support team at support@boominbelts.com.


Note: This warranty policy is subject to change without prior notice. The terms and

conditions in effect at the time of purchase shall apply.